Does NBK says i always like slapping ?

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NBK is on news since a while for his rude behaviour starting from attempt murder controversy on Bellamkonda Suresh and  his associate Satyanarayana Chowdhary after that incident he maintained complete low profile and recently in many incidents he showed his anger by slapping his fans and his associates  , after seeing these incidents following are the top questions are raised from our recent poll .

does fans are really irking him by stamping on his foot such that they can come in news ?
does he always hits his workers when ever they  forget their job ?
is this incidents are planned to degrade NBK by his anti-groups ?

On the final note what ever it is , in any case being an MLA and popular senior actor he must not show his anger by hitting others , i hope he definitely knows Newton Law ( for every action there will be equal and opposite reaction ) .


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