does charmee escaped slap ?

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AS we know the fact that baalayya is known for slapping his fans in many events in the recent past despite of unknown reasons ,looks like the incident would have been repeated as per the pic  during Piasa vasool audio success meet where Charmee shared couple of baalayya’s secrets like Balakrishna doesn’t like to be called Balayya, Balayya Babu or Balakrishna rather he likes to be called as Bala and She also said that Shriya and Balakrishna looked like real husband and wife off the screen as well

So does this pic was taken after her talk where baalayya might be giving her warning or the pic might be taken before where baalyya would have been suggesting or warning charmee what to talk and what not anyways we don’t know the reasons apart from the people on stage and surprisingly they barley know telugu  .



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