Varma Praises and Digs simultaneously

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Mega Fans are cribbing with the satires posted by the yesteryear maverick director RamGopalVarma who is currently known for only giving disasters on big screen and notorious for making controversial statements ,recently he again come on news by praising ArjunReddy’s actor vijay devarakonda and degrading PawanKlayan by saying Vijay is 10 times better in looks as well charisma and 20 times better in performance than Pawan . Considering the same as per outside talk , looks like film fraternities around him are the one’s who are spoiling him by praising to his stupid comments , Some people say the director is certified Maniac and Physco and lastly many people started commenting he can’t dare to speak about the same in public forum .

what ever people says Ramu says he will follow Ramuism which means he him-self don’t know what it is , he him-self don’t know what he does next minute.


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