Public talk : why only commercial movies Ajith ?

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Popular actor Thala Ajith is known for acting in path breaking movies which are blockbusters in both Telugu and Tamil languages like Prema Lekha actual version in tamil named as Kadhal Kottai , Vaali  etc .. by introducing most talented directors Agathiyan,SJ Surya , ARMurugudoss etc… but in the recent past he is continuously doing commercial movies due to stardom though his recent movie Vivekam publicized saying movie is different by showcasing 6-pack , high action episodes in the trailer not leaving at these points the director went a step ahead by saying movie graphics are on par with Baahubali but after release it got only average talk and collections are also not so impressive , AS per public talk people are still expecting Ajith to try different jouners and look back to why he got the stardom .


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